Frequently Asked Questions

How is the hot tub filled up?

We will use your water supply to fill the hot tub up, preferably you will have a outside tap and if you would like us to fill your hot tub up with warm water we can usually do this by connecting on to your kitchen tap, we will bring all the equipment we need so there is no need to worry.

How long does it take to heat up?

If we fill up with cold water it will take between 18 and 24 hours to get to the maximum temperature (based on the outside temperature being 10 degrees), however we can fill the hot tub up with warm water in most cases.

Does it use much electric?

Depending on the outside temperature and how hard the pump has to work it will cost between £1-1.50 per day on a standard electric tariff.

How much will it cost to fill it up with water?

This depends on what your water rates are, but the the Orbis hot tub holds 850 litres, which for most areas is under £1.

Will you be able to fit the hot tub it in my garden?

In most cases, Yes! Our hot tubs need space to get down the garden path, in most cases a normal sized path is ok, which means that we can get our tubs almost anywhere, just to be sure though we will need around 800mm width through a gate or at the narrowest point of a  path.

How many people can I fit in the hot tub?

The biggest hot tubs are designed for 6 people and will fit 5-6 people, but this may vary depending on the size of people using it.

Does it take a long time to set up?

It can take up to an hour, this will depend on how fast your taps are, access to your property, and any extras that you have purchased.

What do you do with the water afterwards?

We use a submersible pump with an extension hose meaning that we can empty the tubs in around 15 minutes down the nearest drain.

Do you hot tubs come with covers?




Yes, all of our tubs come with covers to keep the heat in and other things out, this will also give you the peace of mind if you have children.

How are the hot tubs powered?

All of our hot tubs have a RCD breaker built in, we use extension leads that conform with IP54 standards so that we can connect to either an outdoor plug or one back in the house.